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Jim, PJ, and Eric:

Scott’s House Recordings

Reverse Bathtub


End of the Line



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Snakes! [Link] [Link] [Link][Link][Link]

Tempus Fugit [Link][Link]


With New Chorus:

End of the Line:

Reverse Bathtub:


Adaptor [Link]

Hyper Enough [Link]

Retired  Ideas:

Song 0 (AKA: Are You My Mother-In-Law) [Link] [Link]

Song 2 (AKA: Want a Pastrami Sammich?) [Link] [Link]

Song 4 (AKA: Too Emo for PJ) [Link]

Song 5 (AKA: Freak Out At Louis Hot Dogs)  [Link] [Link]

Song 6 (AKA: I Got New Pants, Yo) [Link]

Song 7 (AKA: Cock Rock Anthem #439) [Link] [Link] [Link]

[Special Version recorded by Jim]

Song 8 (AKA: On Second Thought, Let’s Not Go To Camelot) [Link] [Link]

Song 9 (AKA: Good Evening, Mister Falcon) [Link]

Song 11 (AKA: Chlorofluorocarbons are for the Children)

Song 12 (AKA: You Should Read the Memo) [Link][Link]

Song 13 (AKA: Need For Deez) [Link]

Song 14 (AKA: Eleven Types of Parrots)

Song 16 (AKA: Stare at Your Feet, Thou Filthy Shoegazer!)

Song 17 (AKA: The Charge of the Lightbrite Brigade):

Song 18 (AKA: Cock Rock Out with Your Cock Sock Out):

Song 19 (AKA: That’s Not How You Make Pasta)

Song 22 (AKA: Lay Off, Man, I’m Sleeping):

Song 23 (AKA: The Night Was Dark and Full Of Terriers):

Song 24 (AKA: Terminally Shortened)

Song 25 (AKA: The Fluffernutter Incident)

Song 26 (AKA: In Continents):

Song 27 (AKA: Weasel Fighter):

Song 28 (AKA: Karma Jaw):

Song 29 (AKA: Eight, Eleven, Nineteen, Twenty-Two):

Song 30 (The Stain Fighter!):

Song 31 (AKA: We Took a Wrong Turn Somewhere):

Song 32 (AKA: Act Now For Our Highest Discounts):

Song 33 (AKA: Things Don’t Weigh Less on the Moon ):

Song 34 (AKA: Squeeks and Squawks):

Song 35 (AKA: So Much Hepatitis):

Song 36 (AKA: Dirty Windshield):

Song 37:

Intro (Long… Jim riffs a bunch of times, then this turns into the verse)
Chorus (Repeats 4x)
Pause… Just guitar for one measure
Verse (Repeats 4x)
Chorus (Repeats 4x)
Pause… just drums for one measure
Verse (Repeats 4x)
Chorus (Repeats 4x)
Chorus (‘Louder’ 4x)

Song 38 (AKA: Venture Capitol Airlines):

Aborted Project with Jake and Drew

Working On (Newest to Oldest):

6th Practice (3/6/2020):

1.This One’s Complete

4.Driving Song:

New Dawn Fades


5. This is Me

(This was done 2 weeks back, here’s the original for reference).

Fifth Practice (2/24/2020):

2. Cobras:

New Dawn Fades (Joy Division Cover):

3. “No, Wait, One More” (Shoegaze Tune)

  • As a note, we need some way to end this. Right now we just tend to trail off…

1. “This One’s Complete” (Idea number one… Still, unnamed):

4. “Driving Song” (New Idea from Last Practice):

6. “Sounds Like a Theme Song” (New idea…)

7. “An Interesting Thing” (Jam at the end, us eventually joining in with Jake)

Fourth Practice (2/21/2020):

1. Idea Number One (Still, no name):

  • As of Right now we are playing it as:

Ax8 / Bx2 / Cx4 / Ax6 / Bx2 / Cx4 / D / Cx4 / D

  • I’m sure that will move around once vocals are added.

New Dawn Fades (Joy Division Cover):

3. Shoegazey Tune:

2. Chris’ Tune that I forget the name for every week:

4. New Idea:

5. This is Me:

Quick Thoughts on today…

  • New Dawn Fades has that weird intro bit on the record… should we do something there? Feedback? Noise? Something before the drums kick in?
  • For idea 4, I like it… I think that I’ve got an idea for the end… Might suck, but I’m reminding myself to remember that.

Third Practice (2/7/2020):

Chris’ ‘Nick Cavey’ Tune:

New Shoe-gaze Tune:

Idea Number One (Still no name):

Last Part of that song, changed to include the fills:

Previous Week:

Not sure if this is a thing… another bass line… seems like there’s two parts, might need a tempo change (and some fuzz?)

And, again… two parts, not sure if this is a thing, but I’m leaving it here for later:

And, again. Just a bassline

Second Practice:

Eventually, I’ll get some sort of ‘sorting’ together so everyhing’s easier to find. For now, this’ll work.

So, the tune:

And, just ‘Part A’, over and over.

Part ‘C’, to ‘Part B’, to ‘Part C’, then out to Part D…. just to see if it works.

And the whiteboard… The simple, first pass arrangement was:

E / Ax8 / Bx2 / Cx4 / Bx2  /Cx3 -> D

First Practice:

Idea 1: 

Idea 2: 

I also had 2 bassline ideas over the last 2 days, because Appleseed Cast had been tossed around so much. Putting them here so I don’t forget. Same progression, so different parts? Unsure. Just liked how they sounded in my head.